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Indoor Air Quality Inspection

The Environmental Protection Agency reports that indoor air quality is often five times more polluted than outside air. Pest-Ops became active with Air Quality because our customers kept asking us to do so. As a Knoxville IAQ certified company, we offer a variety of services to improve Knoxville indoor air quality, including air quality inspection, laboratory testing, consulting, crawlspace encapsulation, and mold remediation.

Our entry-level inspection is the IAQ Phase I Investigation and is designed to examine and identify problems within the indoor environment, draw conclusions based on the findings, and provide a list of recommendations for an effective solution.


We focus on moisture, drainage, ventilation, and other factors that contribute to mold growth. We can also inspect for allergens, including dust mites, pollen, spores, and other airborne particles. We then provide a complete report with specific explanations and instructions to improve the air quality of your home or office.

We may collect microbial samples from surfaces, as well as air samples in representative areas, including the roof, AC units, front, rear (loading dock), and office areas of the building. We can test the air samples (depending on your needs) for carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, formaldehyde, and hydrocarbons.

At the conclusion of your indoor air quality inspection, the environmental readings are recorded, and the samples collected and sent to an independent laboratory. The results are compared to regulatory and industry standards and guidelines. Detailed reports are then available about healthcare concerns.

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Source: New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene Bureau of Environmental & Occupational Disease Epidemiology “Guidelines on Assessment and Remediation of Fungi in Indoor Environments”.