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With one of the region‘s only Board Certified Entomologists and Certified Indoor Environmentalists, we’re the pro’s when it comes to residential and commercial pest elimination—protecting you where you work and live. We can provide you with a yearlong customized service plan (or one-time if you prefer) that is cost-effective and tailored to your property!
Pest Control for Medical Faclilties
Are Your Pets Sleeping with the Enemy?
Find out how we can help you and your pet live in harmony. We provide safe natural control for fleas and ticks.
Problems in the Kitchen?
With a Board Certified Entomologist and a Certified Indoor Environmentalist on staff, we remain at the pinnacle of our industry in our knowledge of residential and commercial pest elimination, and in protecting the indoor environments where people work and live.
Buying a home?
Find out how to properly prepare your new home so you don't have any unwanted guests.
Home Pest Control
Provide your family and pets with a safe, clean, healthy environment. Our seasonal pest control service covers shrubs and landscaping on the perimeter of the foundation to reduce flying insect problems, particularly mosquitoes, flies, carpenter bees, and ladybugs.


Kyle Lundy Board Certified Entomologist

“At Pest-Ops, we are committed to service excellence. We are honored that you would consider us to serve your pest control needs. You will always be treated fairly, given honest answers, and provided with professional services. You have my word on it.”

Kyle Lundy, Entomologist & Owner

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We evaluate the true extent of the pest infestation and customize a treatment plan for your specific needs. Random application of pesticides is avoided to better protect your family and pets.

Targeted Application
Targeted Application

Pest-Ops emphasizes thorough inspections. We inspect the homes for pest problems, determine exactly what and where the pest problem is, and reach them at the source of their nests.

Non-Chemical Monitors
Non-Chemical Monitors

We place pest control monitors when necessary in pest prone locations throughout your home to help pinpoint the “hot spots” of pest activity for the most effective bug control.

Prevention Measures
Prevention Measures

We apply a protective barrier to the outside of your home to keep out pest invaders. Pest-Ops’ goal is to solve your pest problem while minimizing the amount of pesticides placed in and around your home.

Commercial Pest Control

ESP Elemental Service Program. The Elemental Service Program is the evolved result from 14 years of refining our commercial pest elimination service. Proven at the campus of HGTV (Scripps Networks), healthcare centers, hotels, restaurants, industrial sites, and eight hospitals in East Tennessee.

Elements of Survival

Elements of Survival

Elements of Technology

Elements of Technology

Elements of Control

Elements of Control

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