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Our Service Area

50-mile radius around Knoxville, TN

At Pest-Ops, we are committed to service excellence. We are honored that you would consider us to serve your pest control needs. You will always be treated fairly, given honest answers, and provided with professional services. You have my word on it.”

– Kyle Lundy, Entomologist & Owner

Integrated Pest Management

We evaluate the true extent of the pest infestation and customize a treatment plan for your specific needs. Random application of pesticides is avoided to better protect your family and pets.

Targeted Application

Pest-Ops visit always begins with a thorough inspection. We inspect your home for pest activity, determine the best solution, and precisely treat the source of the problem.

Prevention Measures

We place insect monitors when necessary in pest prone locations in your home to help pinpoint the areas of recent activity for the most effective pest elimination.

Non-Chemical Methods

We use several exclusion methods to seal crevices or gaps on the perimeter of your home to block invading pests. Our goal at Pest-Ops is to solve your pest problems while minimizing your family’s exposure to pesticides in the home.

Commercial Pest Control

The Elemental Service Program (ESP) is the evolved result from 23 years of refining our commercial pest elimination service. Proven at the campus of schools (from pre-school to colleges,) hospitals, health care facilities, industrial sites, office buildings, and restaurants across East Tennessee.

Elements of Survival

Commercial Pest Control Testing

Elements of Technology

Elements of Control

Elements of Control

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